About Me

I'd like to thank my Lord and savior for all the blessings he has placed in my life. I am honored to be called a minister and a child of God. I feel refreshed and lifted up every day for the great and mighty things God has done for me. I am so blessed to have such a beautiful family and wife who stands beside me in my ministries. I have two wonderful sons, Timothy and Eric, and their wives Karen and Lindsay, that have given me and my wife five beautiful grandchildren. Blessed!!!! Yes I must say that I am.

When I was a young boy from 11 to 16, I spent many hours playing music and singing in my father's nightclub. Up until the age of 16 it was not uncommon for me to travel and sing in other local clubs. My taste in life was to play and perform and enjoy the talent of music.

In 1977 a tragedy turned my world upside down, and then around, when my brother and his fiance were both killed, removing a television antenna that made contact with an electrical 440 line. At that time I found a new purpose for my life. One year after giving my life to The Lord I was called into the ministry, something I have been doing now for over 37 years.

Five years ago I was planning to take my wife on a vacation and I asked her to pick a place that we'd never been before. She didn't hesitate to answer, she said I want to go to Nashville, Tennessee. I said baby we've been there so many times and there is nothing in Nashville that we haven't seen or done before, but she said yes there is; There's something that I want you to do, I want you to fulfill your lifelong dream.

I made a call and contacted a producer Johnny Samson in Henderson, TN @
DayWind Studios, and there it all began for me.

I have been blessed to be able to release three projects @ Daywind Studios in 2009 we released "Some Beautiful Day" in 2010 we released "Rescue Me". And then we released my third project in 2011, " The Promised Land'' which was nominated as the Album Of The Year in 2012 @ the Artists Music Guild in Ft. Mills North Carolina.

In January 2013 I released a CD project titled "Love Without Warning" that was produced by Robb Tripps @ The Family Room Studio in Gallitan TN The title song of the album was one of the nominees for The Song Of The Year" AMG Awards 2013.

I want to send out a thank you to my co-writer Allen Webb of Bent-nail Publishing that co-wrote this song "Love Without Warning".

I have just now released a new project on December 28th 2013 entitled "I'm An American" this project was produced by Robb Tripps @ The Family Room Studio in Gallitan TN. Thank you Robb for doing such a great job on mixing and mastering this project.

In my closing I want to thank a few more other people.

First and foremost I want to thank and lift up my Lord and savior Jesus Christ!!!

I'd like to thank producer Johnny Samson @ Daywind Studios for not only being a great producer but a friend.

I'd like to thank vocal producer Rick Schweinberg for bringing many ideals to my music and songs.

I'd like to thank Red Hen Records that believed in me to release my first Christian Country Radio Release "No One Quit Like You"  that went #1. on December 7th 2010
@ Radioactiveairplay.com

I'd like to thank all the DJ'S and XM radio for playing my music and to all my family, and friends for supporting me.

Thanks to everyone and God bless!!!