Danny Norman is rapidly becoming one of America's most beloved Christian Country singers and songwriters with his energetic and contagious enthusiastic style. Danny's original material has set him apart in both Southern Gospel and Christian Country genres. From Carbondale, Illinois, he has shared the stage with "Gospel greats" like Gold City Quartet, Jeff & Sheri Easter, The Lester's, Brian Free & Assurance, The Bowling's, The Freemans, The Manuel Family Band, The Down East Boys, The Dove Brothers, Crystal River, and Upper Room experience and many others. His headlining events have brought him even more into the national eye with venues like "Hope For Kids Series Concerts, and the Indie Music Channel with Christopher Ewing.
Danny's past five successful projects include Some Beautiful Day, Rescue Me, The Promised Land, Love Without Warning, I'm An American, of which most of the songs off these projects have been written either by Danny, or he and his co-writer Allen Webb of (Bentnail Publishing). Every song has been written in an attempt to bring a sense of sincerity to Southern and Christian Country. His music is true, real, and passionate every lyric comes from the heart and every note comes from deep down inside.
Several fortunate events led to Danny's decision in packing up his dreams and recording at Daywind Studio in Hendersonville TN. Danny has had over 20 radio and radio internet releases since January 2010, and having successful airplay on both XM Satellite and FM radio formats.
Most recently, Danny continued to enlist Nashville music industry companies to enable him to gain more exposure on a national level. Some of the agencies are Catacomb Music, Spin-N-Motion, 371 Films, Jim Robinette and EHA-Nashville. His latest video, "Reasons," is produced by Kevin Hayes of 371 Films, directed by Scott Lucas of Catacomb, radio promoted by Tony and Kim Hudgins of Spin-N-Motion, and publicized through Nashville Publicist and Manager, Evie Hawkins, of EHA-Nashville. Scott Lucas and his daughter, Skyler, are actors in the film and Scott notes, "I believe that this video is going to touch so many lives and I look forward to hearing the stories that come in from people after they have viewed the ‘Reason’s’ music video." Scott's prediction came to pass; within 48 hours of it's release the awe-inspiring project gained 25,000 downloads, and it's popularity continues to explode with new fans throughout the United States and abroad. "Reasons" was Nominated as "The Video Of The Year " 2013 at the AMG Artists Music Guild in Ft Mill South Carolina.
Each one of Danny’s performances is an encore performance that you do not want to miss!